Apasteron Pvt. Ltd

ABHEDYA Level 3+ Ballistic Helmet


A First of its kind , ABHEDYA is a level 3+ ballistic helmet designed , developed and manufactured by Apasteron using our proprietary ballistic solution technology and 100% indigenous content . ABHEDYA is the first bulletproof helmet rated for Level 3+ and can stop ammunition like 7.62 X 39 HSC . ABHEDYA has been designed using proprietary technologies that dramatically reduces the need for additional trauma pads while still protecting the user from internal head injury against blast shockwaves and grenade fragments . Our helmet manufacturing technology and process allows for rapid prototyping and changes based on user inputs , this combined with the ability to rapidly modify design and shape during manufacturing makes ABHEDYA the best fit and comfortable bulletproof helmet in the market . Apasteron Ballistic helmet in Level 3A , Level 3 and Level 3+ are all the lightest ballistic helmets in their respective class. ABHEDYA is available in High Cut , Mid Cut and Full Cut designs and can be configured with Apasteron’s proprietary hands free vibrational acoustics based communications system .