Apasteron Pvt. Ltd


1. Op Necessity​ – 

House intervention, Hostage rescue, Aircraft entry, train or veh entry are most hazardous op faced by our forces. These ops require very high std of trg and best in class protn. Soldier will receive volley of fire as soon as the op is initiated. He is required to respond to the fire, protecting himself from the projectiles and fight through the same. The current tac shield used are very hvy cumbersome to be handled by one hand. Thus it reduces the capability of the soldier and delay the op. The shield is reqd to be modular and light so that it is used in variety of sit. The shield is expected to stop volley of bullets, grenade splinter and shock effect. No current solutions used today adhere to these reqmts. 

2. Scope​ – 

To develop indigenous Ballistic Tac Shield, which is lt in wt and provides protn against all type of threats expected while fighting in BUA.

3. Features​ – 

4. Status​ –

Under devp.

5. Recommendations​ –