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3rd Eye Recon Drone

3rd Eye Recon Drone


The ability to gain access to forward positions and enemy territory without soldiers having to physically surveil the perimeter gives a huge tactical advantage to the user. Apsteron’s 3rd Eye Recon Drone is a microcopter designed for use during Operations and Perimeter security . (((DRONE))) is capable of monitoring enemy locations and perimeters from a safe distance and transmitting High resolution images and Real time Video to the user at distances of upto 500m .

(((DRONE))) has in-built Thermal Imaging , HD Camera , Return to home and Obstacle avoidance capabilities.

(((DRONE))) can be used by border security forces for perimeter surveillance , Special Ops Team for forward base intelligence gathering and for base perimeter security using the in-built  360 Static Hover mode,



  1. Extremely quiet operation for Special Ops.
  2. Compact form factor and lightweight design keeps equipment carrying fatigue to a minimum.
  3. HD image capturing and Real time Video transmission.
  4. Perimeter follower feature makes (((DRONE))) an ideal device for border security.
  5. In-built Thermal Imaging allows for detecting potential targets in the dark and through dense forests as well.
  6. Obstacle avoidance allows for use in Dense forests and obstacle rich environments.
  7. Swappable battery keeps the down time during operations to a minimum.
  8. Auto Human Detection during perimeter security can warn users of any potential threats beforehand.
  9. 2 or more (((DORNE))) can be linked together to work in tandem for perimeter security taking turns for keeping down time to zero or mapping larger areas for faster response time by user.
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