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Argos 100

Argos 100


The ability to look behind solid walls and barriers during hostage rescue operations , room to room clearing and Special operations gives a substantial edge to the soldiers . Apasteron’s Argos 100 is a compact through wall imaging system that can collect and transmit real-time information through walls of various materials and transmit that data to the user on a visual display as well as transmit the data over the air through an encrypted communication network.

Argos 100 can provide 3D imaging of humans as well as objects behind the walls. Along with real time presence detection the device can also collect and transmit real-time movement tracking including distance as well as movement patterns of multiple hostiles to the user , which is crucial in differentiating the enemy and the hostage .

The compact form factor allows Argos 100 to be mounted directly to the user’s vest . This allows the user to dynamically collect information like the number of hostiles and their relative position in the room with reference to the user therefore giving a superior tactical edge during planning and operation execution .




  1. Extremely compact design for a 3D through wall Imaging system. 
  2. Battery operated with upto 8 hrs of use on a single charge. 
  3. Real-time multiple hostile detection through walls of various materials.
  4. Movement pattern , distance and location of hostiles and hostages relative to the user. 
  5. Detection through 11” of wall at upto 10 meter distance. 
  6. Data recording for post mission analysis and debriefing . 
  7. Operational temperature range of -40◦C to +60 ◦C. 
  8. 3D , 2D and 1.5D data display modes. 
  9. Data transmission to up to 700 metres to a secure secondary display.
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