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Concealed Vest ( Panoply )

Concealed Vest ( Panoply )


Panoply is the first Level 3+ rated concealed bulletproof vest in the market. Designed with the most advanced armor technologies , Panoply is lightweight , thin , flexible and allows for dynamic weight distribution over the user’s body therefore making it very comfortable for extended use. Using In-House developed ceramic and soft armor technologies , Apasteron has been able to reduce the weight of this concealed vest by more than 50% when compared to any other solution in the market. The armor also incorporates an optional trauma reduction feature as well as our P.E.T.A.L.S bullet hole and health monitoring device .



  1.  Level 3 , Level 3+ concealed vest variants are the first of their kind in the market.
  2. Flexible Hard Armour solution allows for comfort and usability for various body types. 
  3. Dynamic Weight Distribution assures comfortable and fatigue free use of vest for extended durations. 
  4. Optional Trauma Reduction Feature can bring the Backface Trauma to <10mm , allowing for minimal risk of internal injuries rising from blunt trauma from bullet impact. 
  5. Optional P.E.T.A.L.S system can detect precise location of bullet wounds in case of penetration and furthermore monitor and transmit body vitals to an encrypted database for use by Medical personnels. 
  6. Multi Shot Capability allows Panoply to stop multiple rifle rounds even when closely grouped, 
  7. Protection against all Level 3A and Level 3 threats including 9X19mm , 45 ACP , 44 Mag , 7.62 X 39 MSC , 5.56 X 45 NATO , 7.62 X 51 NATO as well as 7.62 X 39 HSC ammunitions.
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