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Foliage Enemy Detection System( F.E.D.S )

Foliage Enemy Detection System( F.E.D.S )


Giving an All Seeing Eye capable of detecting enemies hidden in dense forests and trenches gives a superior edge to soldiers during Ops. . F.E.D.S is a compact hands-free use device designed and manufactured by Apasteron to do just that. By allowing soldiers to detect hidden threats in dense forests , through smoke and in the dark at distances up to 130 metres F.E.D.S can reduce the risks of ambushes and similar high risk events substantially.

Through the use of advanced radar imaging systems and machine learning F.E.D.S can detect multiple hostiles , their movement patterns , distance , speed and location in real time. The device can also detect hostiles hidden behind large trees , in trenches and underground tunnels with ease and warn the user of these threats from a safe distance . All the data collected by F.E.D.S can be displayed on a portable display or on a HUD visor mounted on the user’s helmet.



  1.  Hands-free lightweight design means unhindered movements for the user. 
  2. Battery operation lasts up to 8 hrs of use on a single charge . 
  3. Swappable battery means no downtime between extended use. 
  4. Detection of hostiles through large girth trees at up to 130 metres. 
  5. Distance , speed and movement patterns of multiple hostiles can be viewed simultaneously. 
  6. Data recording for post mission analysis and debriefing. 
  7. Data transmission to a secondary display at up to 700 metres distance .
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