Apasteron Pvt. Ltd

MD3 ( Mine Detection and Destruction Drone )


Apasteron is currently working on the development of a compact UAV integrated with advanced radar imaging and environment mapping features which is capable of detecting underground landmines/ IEDs from a safe hovering height , recording and projecting the data on a secure database available on visual display with landmine location overlay , high definition pictures . MD3 is also capable of destroying multiple landmines from a safe distance and plotting a safe path for soldiers to move forward based on the updated landmine map once it disables a certain number of landmines.



  1. Compact form factor allows a single user to carry and operate the drone easily. 
  2. Obstacle avoidance for use in dense forests or obstacle rich environments. 
  3. Real time landmine location mapping on a secure database grid. 
  4. Capable of destroying multiple landmines and clear large areas on a single charge. 
  5. Multiple MD3’s can be linked to speed up landmine detection and destruction processes. 
  6. Long Range encrypted communication and in-built fail safe to counter Anti-Drone systems. 
  7. Autonomous mapping feature allows drones to detect landmines and collect relevant data without human intervention. 
  8. Swappable battery allows for minimal down time during operations.
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