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A First of its kind , SHAKTI is a flexible level 3+ and level 4 UNISEX ballistic vest designed , developed and manufactured by Apasteron using our proprietary ballistic solution technology and 100% indigenous content . Our ballistic vest is a state of the art personal protection solution capable of stopping more than 20 Rifle ammunition rounds each on the front as well as the back panels. Being a flexible Level 4 vest , SHAKTI contours around the users’ body and therefore provides optimal weight distribution allowing the user to wear the vest for extended durations.

SHAKTI is also the lightest Level 3+ and Level 4 bulletproof vest in the world weighing in at more than 20% less weight than any competitor while providing multi shot capability , reduced trauma and superior comfort.
Shakti is available as a tactical bulletproof vest for soldiers as well as a concealed vest for VIP personnel protection. The flexible armour panel design also makes SHAKTI the only Level 3+ concealed bulletproof vest in the world.



  1. 100% indigenous content and in-house developed proprietary solution used in construction. 
  2. Available in Level 3+ as well as Level 4 configuration.
  3. Highest Multi Shot capability allows the vest to stop more than 40 Rifle rounds even providing protection against less than 3 cm distanced consecutive shots. 
  4. First in the world FLEXIBLE Level 3+ and Level 4 ballistic solution.
  5. Full torso protection Level 4 bulletproof SHAKTI vest weighs less than 7 kg for 0.2 sq. mtr. of protection area . 
  6. Rated for 9mm , 44 mag , 5.56 X 45 , 7.62 X 39 MSC , 7.62 X 49 HSC , 7.62 X 51 , 7.62 X 54R , 30.06 ( 7.62 X 63 ) . 
  7. Operational temperature range of -40◦C to +60 ◦C.
  8. Much lower Backface Deformation values than specified in NIJ 06 as well as BIS standards. 
  9. Unisex design . Can be used by male as well as female soldiers .
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