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Survivor Detection Drone ( SDD )

Survivor Detection Drone ( SDD )


The ability to locate survivors buried in rubble , snow or mud quickly can be the difference between life and death more often than not. Executing this task of search and rescue over a large area by relying solely on human senses like visual observation or hearing might take days or even weeks sometimes . To speed up this process substantially Apasteron has designed the SDD UAV . SDD is a compact UAV with onboard sensors and advanced imaging system which is capable of detecting the heart rate and movement of a person through dense rubble , snow and mud and even indoors. . SDD can be programmed to autonomously scan a defined area for survivors . The device has in-built obstacle avoidance capability , gimbal stabilized sensors , imaging systems and can be used in areas that might be inaccessible to humans.



  1. Compact size and lightweight design .
  2. Ability to detect survivors through dense rubble or snow. 
  3. Autonomous area scanning means the drone can cover large areas thoroughly and quickly. 
  4. Low altitude hovering and gimbal stabilized sensors allow for accurate readings in any scenario. 
  5. Obstacle avoidance allows easy use in scenarios where SDD might have to be used indoors. 
  6. Survivor location plotting on a secured database grid. 
  7. The images of the general area where survivors are detected can be displayed on screen. 
  8. Swappable battery for minimal downtime.
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