Apasteron Pvt. Ltd



  • User positions the shield instantly and effortlessly at the exact level desired
  • Eliminates user fatigue – increases physical endurance & performance
  • Provides stable aiming platform for amazing weapon accuracy
  •  Not a reel – shield is suspended weightlessly in front of the user
  •  Mechanical and hydraulic components are fully contained within the vertical tube attached onto rear tactical vest (upper rear MOLLE grid required on upper back of tactical vest)
  •  Two optional rear torso support packs available for exoskeleton positioning over top of users’ tactical vest
  •  Provides excellent stability during house intervention
  •  Can be folded,detached and stowed on rear torso when not in use
  •  Quick release mechanism on the back of the shield


The Valour is a patented miniaturized lightweight mechanical  exoskeleton support unit mounted onto the wearers’ rear torso. A curved hydrolic support structure attached to the shield with a quick release, effectively transfers all the weight of the shield onto a comfortable padded belt worn on the wearers’ upper hips.

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