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Wrist Mounted Grenade Launcher ( WMGL )

Wrist Mounted Grenade Launcher ( WMGL )


Using additive manufacturing methods and advanced material research , Apasteron has developed the world’s first Wrist Mounted Grenade Launcher suitable for using 40mm rounds. Currently under testing , WMGL is a compact grenade launcher that can be used with various types of 40mm munitions including Apasteron’s 40mm Multi mode Grenade as well as our Mob Control Non lethal 40mm munitions.

WMGL is designed using a proprietary energy redistribution technology that nulls out any recoil from firing 40mm rounds. WMGL is a smart grenade launcher that can be digitally tuned to fire 40mm rounds at any desired distance upto 400m with an accuracy of +/- 1.5 mtrs.



  1. World’s first wrist mounted grenade launcher . 
  2. Designed using space grade materials. 
  3. Energy redistribution technology to remove any recoil. 
  4. In-built smart control allows for digitally setting the distance of the target.
  5. Lightweight and compact design ensures minimal fatigue and no obstruction when using secondary weapon.
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